Video streaming software

We develop software for streaming video since 2014. Our server solutions help business clients capture, transcode, store, deliver video. Customers in more than 30 countries use our products for IPTV, OTT and cloud services

IPTV Middleware

High performance, easy to useĀ  Web-basedĀ  software solution for launching a IPTV system in a large organization. The system includes flexible integration and billing. It is a scalable, ready-to-use system.

IPTV Transcoder

Video encoding and transcoding server software. The software can be installed on any Linux server machine.Our encoding and transcoding technology provides you with one of the most powerful and cost-effective offerings in the industry.

OTT Solutions

Consulting, extended technical support and custom development. We have deep expertise in video delivery and media storage and will help you with your custom project.